Trip - Frequently Asked Questions


Which email address should I use to register my child for a trip?

While parents/guardians will be copied on all email notifications, trip registration will need to be done using the student/child email address used during registration (see above).

My kids rarely check their emails.  How will they know to sign up?

All parents will be cc'd on all communications through this system. When trip registration opens, an email will go out to all, and then it will be a few clicks to register from the phone. There is also a Wild Apricot Members app that we encourage you to download on your phone. That is also a simple process to register, and includes a member directory (names and photos) for the entire club. To the question, we will need parents to help out to make sure their kids register, and we will continue to send out several email reminders. The difference with this platform is that the reminders will only go to students not already registered.

I received an error when I tried to sign up for a trip. 

Students can only sign up for trips under the specific trip for Students, and vice versa for Chaperones. Please click on the "Home" button and then click on the specific trip and try again.

I can't sign up for an upcoming trip. 

Registration for each trip isn't available until the week before the trip. Registration closes on the Tuesday before the trip at 7:00 pm. When trips are available for registration, there will be an email sent out to parents and kids with a "click to register" button that will be tied to the credit card on file.

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