The FLSC operates on punctuality. Members are expected to board buses at exactly 6:15am, return to the bus on the mountain at the designated time and be picked up upon arrival.

  1. Lunch Check In: All members must check in between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm at the FLSC club table at the mountain.

  2. Ski in Control: Members must ski in control and adhere to mountain rules.  Watch out for other any skiers down mountain from you.

  3. Ski with a Buddy: Members need to ski with a friend.  Feel free to reach out to a chaperone to find a suitable group to carve up the slopes.

  4. Proper Equipment/Armbands: All members must wear a helmet, wrist guards (for boarders), and have the FLSC red/green armband on at all times while on the mountain.

  5. Bus Etiquette: Members must clean up and be respectful to all members and chaperones.  Toilets can only be used with chaperone permission.

  6. Members must ride up and back on the same bus and seat: We do not allow pick-ups at the mountain, nor can the member meet us at the mountain as a trip participant.  


  7. Unruly Conduct: Chaperones are volunteers.  Disrespectful and unruly behavior is not tolerated.

  8. Off-trail Skiing: The mountain has closed areas due to dangers and/or lack of ski patrol.  Respect the boundaries.

  9. Possession/Consumption of Any Controlled Substance: Alcohol, marijuana, vape pens, cigarettes, high energy drinks, or any other illegal items.

  10. Restricted Skiers/Boarders on Expert Slopes/Terrain Parks: We take our responsibilities seriously. All members are "Restricted" until they prove to us they are capable of handling the tougher slopes by passing the FLSC ski/board proficiency test on the slopes and having a parent/guardian agree that their child can be "Unrestricted". "Restricted" members are allowed on green/blue slopes only.

Call or Text: 805-635-SNOW (7669)
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