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Does the club take novices/beginners?  YES!  We all started somewhere. Members should have basic familiarity with the sport, equipment and navigating a mountain. If the member is a new beginner, please advise the Club prior to trip sign up. Lessons for each trip are recommended until a member is an expert.

What is the Fox Lane Ski Club Test? All members must pass a ski or snowboard proficiency test (conducted by our chaperones) to earn the privilege of skiing or boarding unrestricted, including skiing or boarding on Black Diamond trails or in a Terrain Park. The proficiency test is administered once per trip (except the Vermont trip*). If a member passes the proficiency test, and the member’s parent or guardian approves, that member will become an unrestricted skier or boarder and can ski on any trails and in the Terrain Parks. Until a member passes this test, they are considered a restricted skier or boarder and cannot ski on Black Diamond trails or in any Terrain Parks.

*For 2022 only: Due to our reduced schedule, while we normally require that members pass the test or take at least 3 lessons to be allowed on the VT trip, for this year members must pass the test or take at least 1 lesson before the Vermont trip. 

What is the policy regarding bringing food on trips? Members may bring food to eat on the bus in the morning or on the way home. There is no access to the bus during the day, so lunch should be brought to the lodge (following any mountain restrictions) or members should have money to purchase lunch/snacks at the lodges. Highly caffeinated drinks are prohibited. Members are responsible to keep the buses and lounges clean. Please do not bring messy or crumb laden foods. Please clean up around you. 

How are members supervised?  We staff every trip with a healthy mix of Chaperones who are there to help all members and enforce the Club rules on the bus, in the lodge, and on the mountain. We do not organize ski groups and members are free to ski/board within the Rules of the Club and the Mountain.  Members must check in at the Ski Club table between 11am & 1pm, and must be back on the bus ready for departure at the designated time.  We have a long standing tradition of very well- mannered members and superb volunteers. 


How do I become a Member? Click Join us or Next on the Home page and fill out the information. Membership is available for all students in grades 6 to 12 who reside in the Bedford Central School District. Chaperones are volunteers, with no charge. Registration is only open from November 1st to November 10th, though it may close early if we reach capacity.

What is the cost?

The Registration fee for the 2022 season is $50. Trip fees for Jiminy Peak are $120 per trip and include the lift ticket and coach bus fee. Trip fees for the Vermont Trips are still being finalized. Lessons cost $25 per lesson and are administered in small groups by mountain instructors. Members are responsible for the purchase of food/drinks (either bring from home or purchase at the mountain).

What do I need to do before registering?

First, students need to register with parental permission and guidance. Minors are NOT allowed to fill out the application by themselves and need parental supervision. 

Students and Parent/Guardians need to read the Rules & Code of Conduct.

Please have the following handy as you start your registration*:  

1.  A headshot digital photo

2.  Scan/photo-FLSC equipment inspection form (avail. at Hickory & Tweed or professional shop)

3.  Scan/photo-Signature page of Liability Acceptance Policies.

4.  Digital copy of health care card information (front and back).

5.  Each student will need a unique (non-BCSD) email address to register.  Please see below if your child does not have his/her own email.

*  Adult chaperones only need a headshot digital photo and scan/photo of signed Chaperone Liability waivers.

Can I create a family log in for all of my kids?

Unfortunately, no. Each member (including chaperones) needs their own log-in email address. Parents/Guardians will be cc'd on all email confirmations, reminders, etc. Students should not register for the club or attend events without supervision/permission from their parents.

My child doesn't have an email. How do I sign up?

Each member needs a unique email as a log in ID. Gmail does allow you to use "+" to create a unique Google ID for children. For example, if your email is "parent@gmail.com" you can use "parent+kid@gmail.com" for a unique login. All those emails will go to the "parent@gmail.com" account. If you don't want your child to have an email, please consider a solution like that.

My child's email address changed.  Should I register under a new email address?

When your child's email address changes, please request email address change by sending an email to  info@foxlaneskiclub.com.  The creation of a new registration will not allow for continuity of your child's ski history.

My child doesn't have a cell phone.  Is that okay?

We highly recommend your child have a (fully charged) cell phone as another layer of safety.  

How do I change my password, edit my profile, or log out?

There is a "blue person icon" on the top right of the web page. If you click on that, you can change your password and log out. There are also links at the top of the page. Parents and students are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their profile information (i.e., contact information, allergies, special instructions, etc.).  

My kids rarely check their emails.  How will they know to sign up?

All parents will be cc'd on all communications through this system. When trip registration opens, an email will go out to all, and then it will be a few clicks to register from the phone. There is also a Wild Apricot Members app that we encourage you to download on your phone. That is also a simple process to register, and includes a member directory (names and photos) for the entire club. To the question, we will need parents to help out to make sure their kids register, and we will continue to send out several email reminders. The difference with this platform is that the reminders will only go to students not already registered.

My photo is sideways when I uploaded it.  How do I fix that?

There is a small flaw in the program. The best remedy is to open the photo and save it again as a jpg file and try again. If you have a problem, don't worry. We will be able to fix it.

I am trying to register multiple kids, but it says I'm already registered.

You need to fully log out (see question above) to be able to register another person. Each person will need a unique email address (see above). To log out, click on the "blue person icon" in the top right corner.

I received an error when I tried to sign up for a trip. Students can only sign up for trips under the specific trip for Students, and vice versa for Chaperones. Please click on the "Home" button and then click on the specific trip and try again.

I can't sign up for an upcoming trip. Registration for each trip isn't available until the week before the trip. Registration closes on the Tuesday before the trip at 7:00 pm. When trips are available for registration, there will be an email sent out to parents and kids with a "click to register" button that will be tied to the credit card on file.

I still have a question. Please email us at info@foxlaneskiclub.com

Call or Text: 805-635-SNOW (7669)
Email: info@foxlaneskiclub.com
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